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Burns Park

Interstate 40, Exit 150

Burns Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the country with 1,700 acres. It features a log cabin which was built and used as a store prior to the Civil War; a covered bridge; handicapped-accessible fishing pier; camping area; two 18-hole golf courses; two 18-hole disc golf courses; baseball; softball complex; 17 soccer fields; 27 tennis courts (6 indoor); hiking trails; equestrian trails; amusement park, 3-acre dog park and more.

Recently 125 acres were added to the soccer complex area to make Burns Park 1,700 acres.

History: Named after Dr. William Milton Burns who practiced medicine for 50 years, beginning in 1912, and was elected mayor in 1919 and 1923. He was dedicated to helping the youth in the community and served many years on the school board. It is estimated that Dr. Burns delivered 8,000 babies in his career.

In 1948, he started a drive to buy 879 acres of land called the River Reservation from the U.S. Government. In 1949, the city council appropriated $20,000 for the purchase with a pledge to make a $1,000 a year in improvements. Dr. Burns headed up the Park Committee and with volunteer help started clearing brush and building pavilions and picnic areas. Even though past retirement age he helped build the lake and covered bridge to provide a place for kids to fish.

It was no surprise that in April 1950, Mayor Ross Lawhon declared the city park would be named Burns Park. More land was bought and many more improvements were made with the help of men like Joe Poch, Mayor William F. "Casey" Laman, Charles Boyer and many others. In 1955 a second grant of 656 acres from the northern part of Fort Roots completed the 1,575 acre plot of land. A granite memorial was made in Dr. Burns memory and placed at the entrance to the Park on Military Drive in 1968.


Rob Evory

Friday, July 20, 2018
This park is huge. We wanted to go to the dog park but it says it closes at 6 which was a bummer. But we found a hike that our dog loved. We saw a deer and an armadillo which was great. Also on our hike we got to a ridge that overlooks the city, very nice view.

James Foster

Saturday, July 21, 2018
Superb park with many acres of open space. Some features are 24 outdoor and 6 indoor tennis courts, golf course and miles of hiking trails along the river. We hiked almost 15 miles and barely got started. All trails have easy access to parking making this form of exercise very convenient.

Naomi Southwell

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Burns Park is very nice. You can picnic, soccer, baseball, softball fields. There is a nice pathway to walk, run or ride a bicycle, several places to fish as well. If you have a pet, there is a dog park. The facility is great place to rent for an adult party.

Stephen Rivers

Saturday, May 19, 2018
This is a wonderful park. Disc golf, soccer, tennis, baseball, racquetball, ingress, Pokemon, dog parks, golf and much much more... If only I could drive my car on the path near the river.. what a great rally stage that would be... Keep in mind there was a Burns park Gran Prix back in the 60s that ran around fun land drive. Look it up.. Way cool.

Brooke Bustamante

Sunday, June 10, 2018
This is a great park for everyone. There's the regular kids park which has so many different areas for kids. A dog park that has a ton of space for them to run around. A bunch of trails for walking or riding a bike. I think there's even a horse trail. RV park soccer fields archery areas and plenty of places to fish.

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