Burton Wells Dog Park

Burton Wells Road

Has 2 fenced areas (small on left, larger on right) and both lead into lake for the dogs to have a watering hole. Bring chairs (no benches) and bowl with water jug (watering fountain is outside the fence). Shaded and sunny areas.

It is located next to the basketball courts and a little down the road is a children's playground. It is also next to a paved walking path around a 9 acre lake that allows canoes and kayaks from launching dock!


nicole tom

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

Great park. Our dog loved playing with the other dogs that were there. The water could be a bit of a problem if you don't wish your dog to get wet.

Eric B

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

My wife and i were looking for a dog park to take our dog to. We are relatively new to the area so the reviews made me think this area would be nice. At first glance it's a nice place for a dog to run around and play. But I was mistaken. It advertises for two areas that are fenced off. False. It has two areas that are fenced on 3/4 sides. The 4th side the fence only extends about 3 feet into the water so your dog can easily swim around it. But what's even worse? It's open to the little pond with a sign warning of ALLIGATORS. Why would they have a dog park where dogs can swim if there is still water and confirmed alligators!? My dog ran right into the water and started swimming around. I haven't ever had as much anxiety as I did trying to get him to come out of the water. At a very minimum they need to completely fence it off. Let it extend a few feet into the water and fence it so alligators can't get in, and dogs can't get out/escape. This isn't a dog park. It's more like an alligator feeding pen if you are not careful.

vanessa vallejo

Saturday, Sep. 23, 2017

Pretty decent dog park. Has an area just for dogs that are completely fenced in. A big area for dogs to play and run around. Be careful though because this is SC and it is a dirt area, there are areas where there are fireant piles. The bottom of the area opens up to the water. It's pretty shallow at first then gets deeper. Good for dogs to play in. There is also a fenced off area next to the big play area, Im guessing that's for dogs that need a break from the excitement but still want to be all up in the mix. Outside the fenced off area is a pond which connects to the water area for the dogs, its pretty big. I usually walk my dogs around it. It also has a sidewalk and grass off to the sides. There are restrooms available and eater fountains on both sides of the dog park. There is also a mini fountain for dogs to drink out of right next to the human fountain. It is all wheelchair accessible. At one end of the park there is a small metal dock. Sometimes I see people out there fishing. And I've even seen someone kayak out there even though it's not a huge area to explore via kayak. My dogs love to jump off the dock and swim. Not very crowded during the day but gets populated after working hours. Good place for the family or someone exercising to enjoy a nice walk around the pond. Surrounded by a bunch of trees. Park is open from dusk til dawn. Plenty of parking at both ends of the park. One closest to the dog play area, and anither closest to the dock. There is also a basketball court attached near the dog play area.

maynard altman

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Best to go in AM when no bully dog and/or owners aren't around. Very well planned and massive area for my buddy. You've got trees, dirt, grass, pond/lake and no poop on ground

Maggie Slighte

Monday, March 13, 2017

Full of bags of dog poo and more poo everywhere. No way to separate small from large dogs. No way to keep dogs away from gators that supposedly infest the water. One of the worse dog parks I've been to. The entire park is dug up, holes everywhere. Extreemly dangerous to walk in.