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Central Bark

Off of New Gray Rock Road

Central Bark is located off of New Gray Rock Rd. It is a 6,000 sq. ft. track of land that has both open space and trees so "man's best friend" has plenty of room. There are benches as well as doggie stations located at Central Bark. Below are the rules and regulations for Central Bark to ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit. For your Pooch Pass to Central Bark, please bring the application to the Administration Building. Annual fee of $25 for one dog, and $10/ dog for each additional dog. Pooch Pass does include the required Dog License.

Rules & Regulations

--- Hours: 7:00 AM- Sunset daily

--- No Animals other than dogs may be brought into the fenced area.

--- Current rabies tags must be worn on dog's collar at all times.

--- Current dog license tag must be worn on dog's collar at all times.

--- All dogs must be leashed until safely inside of fenced area and then returned to their leash before exiting the fenced area. Owners must have one leash per dog.

--- Dog owners must remain in the fenced area while their dogs are using the park. Owners must be in view of their dog(s) with voice control at all times.

--- Dog owners must be 18 years or older to enter the fenced area. Children accompanying dog owners must be strictly supervised and at least 12 years old to enter the fenced area. Spectators should remain outside of the fenced area.

--- Aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat are not allowed. Owners must immediately leash and remove their dog(s) at the first sign of aggressive, hostile, or combative behavior.

--- Owners must dispose of waste in appropriate on-site containers. Failure to do so may result is dog park privileges being revoked.

--- While small, bite-sized training treats are permitted, food in bowls, long lasting chews or glass containers are prohibited.

--- Smoking and eating are not permitted inside of the "dog park". Cigarette butts and wrappers are tempting and unhealthy for dogs.

--- Sick or injured dog(s) are not allowed. Owners of dog(s) with a known illness/ injury or displaying sick or injured behavior are required to remove their dog(s) from the park immediately.

--- No more than two (2) dogs are permitted per person on any single visit.

--- Puppies less than four (4) months old are not permitted inside the park.

--- South Carolina State Law requires all dog bites to be reported immediately to the York County Animal Control at 803-628-3190. In addition, owners are required to assist in the investigation into incidences of aggression or biting by providing appropriate identification and information to the police (548-0340), Parks & Recreation Department (548-3512 ext. 129), AND other dog owners who are involved with the incident under investigation. Failure to provide assistance will result in immediate revocation of all dog park privileges.


Melissa Melvin

Monday, April 23, 2018
A tiny little fenced area off New Grey Rock Road, inconvenient to get to from anywhere in Tega Cay if you want to walk your dog there. We used to have a nice little dog park within walking distance where the water worked. The current "park" seems to be located in a swampy hole infested with mosquitoes. The parking lot is all dirt, the park is all dirt and the mosquitoes were so thick that even with the strong breeze blowing we were eaten alive - I STILL have painful, itchy bites from a week ago!!! So bring your own water, watering bowl, insect spray for people and dogs, and some chairs if you can stay long enough to sit. If I ever go back I think I'll take some Yard Shot spray fogger. Maybe the City of Tega Cay should invest in fogging the whole city for mosquitoes, but especially the only dog park in a city with lots and lots of family dogs.

Andy Brislin

Friday, March 16, 2018
The holes were filled in finally. There were bags for dog litter. There was nobody else there. It was better than the last time. I didn't have to worry about the dog chasing a ball and getting hurt.

der gerät

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
I’ve been here around 5ish and nobody was there. The gras needs to be replaced and the entrance door is broken. If your new to this area and looking for a nice dog park I would look for a different one

Megan Turner

Sunday, June 17, 2018
Tiny tiny park. Over grown grass. No water. Broken beer bottles

Bev Carpenter

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018
Nice small park. Needs grass replaced or additional mulch...gets muddy.

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