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Colonial Place Greenway Dog Park

Colonial Place Greenway Dog Park
405 Delaware Avenue

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Letting Dogs Run Free

The Department of Recreation, Parks and Open Space has established dog parks in various city parks and open spaces. The city partners with civic leagues and dog park associations to provide these dog parks to the community. These parks provide an area where dog owners can allow their dogs to run leash free, subject to certain park rules.

Park Rules:

  • A maximum of three dogs per owner is allowed at any one time. 
  • Dog owners must remain with their dog and must keep it in sight at all times. 
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and leaving the dog park area. 
  • Dogs must wear valid rabies vaccination and city license tags. 
  • Dogs showing aggression towards people or other dogs must be immediately leashed and removed. 
  • (Contact Animal Control at 757-441-5505 for assistance with animal disturbances). 
  • No dogs in heat are allowed. 
  • Owners are legally responsible for any bodily injury and property damage caused by their dog. 
  • Owners must clean up and dispose of waste left by their dog and provide the equipment for these tasks. 
  • Puppies must be older than four months.

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