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Crown Mountain Park and Recreation

Crown Mountain Park and Recreation
501 Eagle Count Drive

"Creating a Community Legacy through Parks and Recreation"

The Crown Mountain Park & Recreation District and the park design team showed great care in the design of this park. The majority of the design team were people from local firms with Roaring Fork area roots. The park is a place where people can come together to enjoy the activities that turn a neighborhood into a community. A key element of the design is the balance between sports-oriented park facilities and passive, family-oriented park amenities. This park has something to offer for every segment of the community.

With its roots as a riparian environment, agricultural land, and a tree farm, Crown Mountain Park encompasses its history as well as the current and future culture of the community. There has been extensive planning and public input to create this design. Public involvement is critical and will continue to inform the park's design and construction so that ultimately Crown Mountain Park will be a successful reflection of the community.

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