Dog Wood Park

7407 Salisbury Road

Our off-leash park is a unique 42-acre (25 acres are currently fenced) private country club providing fitness, recreational, relaxation, and socializing opportunities for both you and your dog. Dogs can run off-leash to their hearts' content in a safe, controlled environment. The off-leash park offers both dogs and their people a variety of recreational and fitness amenities, including dog-swimming ponds, jogging/walking trails, and play equipment such as tunnels. Perhaps even more importantly, the off-leash park gives dogs a chance to socialize with others of their own kind. Regular off-leash exercise and play with other dogs will result in a healthier, happier, more well-adjusted dog. Our off-leash park features the following amenities:

- Lake Bow Wow, a 2-acre swimming lake for dogs (with a fountain!)

- 25 acres fenced with 6-foot chain link fence - Huge fields for frisbee and throwing balls

- A 4-acre shady area for those hot days

- A dog shower for muddy paws

- Barkham Woods, a 10-acre natural wooded area with nature trails around and through it

- Small dog area for dogs under 25 pounds with both sunny and shady sections, and Lake Fifi, a small dog swimming pond!

- Night dog: three lighted acres for use after dark (until 10 p.m.)

- Special Events: a one or three-acre separate area that can be rented for parties, festivals, or any kind of special event

- Kids ‘N Dogs: a separate area with playground equipment for kids of all ages and kid-friendly dogs

- Benches and swings for relaxing

- Hammocks for those into serious laying-back

- Picnic tables

- A doggie sand pile for climbing and digging

- Tunnels, tires, jumps and other fun exercise obstacles for the dogs

- Park-provided tennis balls

- Use of a full agility course (for safety reasons, use of the agility equipment is restricted to those who are taking or have taken an agility course)