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Dallas - Downtown Dog

2201 South Harwood Street

Downtown Dog to run and bark and play and get that all important pack time. If your pup is older or infirmed we can often make special arrangements. Even watching other dogs play can do a pup good.

Monday - Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday 8am-5pm
Sunday - Pick-up only 3pm - 5pm 


Blake Mattingly

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
I've been taking my dog (dachshund/jack Russell mix) here for a couple months now for daycare, and he absolutely loves it. The staff are all very nice, and he is always so happy when I pick him up. I have also had his nails trimmed there a couple times, and they do a great job at that as well. You also cannot beat the price.

Melissa Cresswell

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018
I refuse to go back! I’ve taken my yorkie there to be groomed several times during the workweek and they did a fine job (despite the sketchy neighborhood). I took her on a Saturday for the first time, a few weeks ago. They called several times to let she know she was ready. It wasn’t until 5pm that they told me they closed at 5pm and would be boarding her if I didn’t get there in the next 10 mins. I dropped what I was doing to run over there, and I apologized multiple times. Since they close at 7pm during the week, I assumed I had time. That was my mistake. However, when I came running in, the owner, stated she was the owner and chewed me out for not coming on time. I apologized again, to which she said “good! Do you know how much it costs to keep a full team here after hours?” My jaw hit the floor. I wanted to ask if she was incapable of swiping a credit card and locking the door herself instead of keeping an entire team there for one little dog, but of course I didn’t. I’ve worked in the service industry for many years and come from a family of business owners. I’m APPALLED that ANY business owner would ever treat a customer that way. When you provide a service, that is the cost of doing business. I will never go back there after being treated so disrespectfully, by the owner at that.

Vickie Stisher

Sunday, April 1, 2018
Great service and happy pups. They have the best toys at half the price as well

James Smith

Sunday, April 1, 2018
Great place. Everyone is friendly, dogs have space to play and seem to love it.

Karyn Kittlitz

Thursday, June 15, 2017
My dog loves this place. We were recommended by a friend and are so happy we gave it a try! He's such a sweet doggo and they really do treat him right. I appreciate the fun phone call updates while I'm traveling, good to know he's doing great while I'm out of town.

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