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Fenway's Dog Park

About the Park

Fenway's Park is an ongoing project of the Goodlettsville Community and the Parks and Recreation Department to create a facility where pet owners may bring their dogs and allow them to play and exercise unleashed. Fenway's Park will also allow pet owners the opportunity to develop socialization skills for their four-legged companions while promoting responsible dog ownership through events and programs.

Fenway's Park will be developed in various phases as community support of the facility grows. The initial phase of Fenway's park consists of approximately a 10,000 sq. ft. area fences with 5' galvanized chain link fencing. The entry into the park is through a double-gated entryway.

Fenway's Park is located within Moss-Wright Park at 745 Caldwell Ln. The park is most easily accessed using the east entrance of Moss-Wright and immediately turning left.

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