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Gloucester Dog Park

 - To maintain the Gloucester Dog Park, a fenced in, off-leash place where well-behaved dogs can exercise, run free and socialize in a clean, safe environment without endangering people, property or wildlife.  The park supplements other leashed and off-leash dog friendly areas and not replace them.
 - To develop an environmentally-conscious & well-maintained space, open to all dog lovers, friends and visitors who are willing to uphold the park's rules and promote a safe recreational experience
 - To run this park as a community project, in partnership with the City of Gloucester, designed to help satisfy the recreational needs of dog-guardians and non-guardians alike.
 - To promote animal welfare and rescue, responsible pet guardianship and foster a sense of community among diverse groups of people.
 - To promote tourism by drawing residents from surrounding communities and elsewhere, thereby increasing revenues to local businesses and the City of Gloucester.

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