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Green Tree Park

Green Tree Park
10 West Manilla Avenue

Officially renamed Green Tree Park by Borough Council in 2002, this park is home to Hemlock I & II ballfields, the Point Park University Ball Field as well as an improved street hockey rink, a small play area for children, soccer fields, a walking track and a leash-free dog park. Hemlock I, the street hockey rink, and the walking track are lighted so they can be enjoyed during the evening hours. Green Tree Park is used in conjunction with the Aiken School fields to host Green Tree's annual Octoberfest. A concession stand, restroom facilities and landscaped parking area make access to this multi-functional park easy.

walking trackThe walking track was made possible through a joint effort between Green Tree Borough and the Keystone Oaks School District. It is a 1/3-mile walking track circling Aiken Fields (behind Aiken Elementary) and abutting Hemlock Fields and the Point Park Ball Field. The track is lighted, thanks to a generous Bright Lights grant from Duquesne Light, the Schafer Foundation, and the Green Tree Rotary. Aiken II ball field was recently redone by Green Tree's Public Works department and the Point Park Ball Field parking lot was paved for easy parking and access to both the ball field and the walking track. New restrooms are available next to the track, open 365 days a year, thanks in part to a grant from State Senator Wayne Fontana.

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