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Magnolia Manor Park

Magnolia Manor Park
3430 27th Avenue West

Magnolia Manor park property is part of a larger site owned by Seattle Public Utilities. In 1995, the Magnolia Reservoir was replaced with an underground structure as part of the Seattle Public Utilities Reservoir Covering Program.

A $20,000 award from the Department of Neighborhood (DON) through its Neighborhood Matching Fund Program funded the design process to make the park more user friendly and increase the park amenities. With the neighborhood, landscape architect Siteworkshop, conducted three community feedback meetings and completed a site plan. The schematic design for this project resulted in the first comprehensive site planning process for Magnolia Manor Park.

The design includes an Off Leash Area(OLA), P Patch, picnic area, meadow, hillside orchard and connecting paths.  The Parks and Green Spaces Levy provides funding for the OLA and the P Patch.

The community celebrated the opening on November 18, 2012 with happy dogs and neighbors. The dog owning and non dog owning community raised $25,000 to add to the OLA project budget.

The P Patch group received a $20,000 NMF award to add to the Levy P Patch budget. The contractor (Seattle Conservation Corps) has laid out the "bones" of the project and volunteer gardeners are putting in the finishing touches.

The Friends of Magnolia Manor have applied for additional funding from the Opportunity Fund to further complete the  schematic design.


4am - 11:30pm

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