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Medina Park

Medina Park
NE 12th St & 82nd Ave NE

Medina Park was born in 1965 when City officials spearheaded the purchase of five properties for approximately $80,000. Today, the combined area stretches out across seventeen and a half acres and is the City's green gateway that offers a mixture of passive and active space. The Park looks much the same as it did almost forty years ago and improvement projects over the decades have attempted to preserve the natural features that were envisioned by the founding city planners and meet ADA standards.

The area has grown into a multi-use recreational park that attracts users from many surrounding communities. The park is the social epicenter, a gathering place that is expansive enough to host large scale events like Medina Days, concerts, unofficial soccer and baseball games yet also serve the needs of individuals adults, children and pets. The picturesque walking paths and open areas also make this a desirable destination for human/canine socialization. In an effort to manage a compatible usage of the park by dog owners and other users, a new policy was passed in 2004 that seasonally divides Medina Park into two defined on-leash and off-leash sections during the peak summer months.

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