Northern Horizon Park

7800 North 63rd Avenue

Northern Horizon Park, has a large fenced-in play area, a play area for small dogs, water fountains, shade trees benches and waste stations. This is Glendale's largest dog park.


Carol Ann

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

This is a great park. I dont go on weekends so I"m not sure how crowed it gets then. But I love to walk my dog all around this area. They really cleaned up in back of park. Just a great way to have fun with your dog!

Joshua Conway

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017

Nice big dog park. Usually go on Sunday afternoon and it's never crowded. Usually a few dogs on the big side and on or none on the small side. Had an issue a couple times with people putting big dogs on the small dog side.

Deena Sperland

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

There's NO restroom & the water fountain doesn't wrk. Animals need H2O... Plz fix & put in unisexual restrooms... It'll fix ppl trying to pee outside


Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017

My Ace's favorite place. Great people with great dogs


Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018

Smelled like feces. Nice park.