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Pelham Mill Park

2770 East Phillips Road

-- Dog Park
-- Historic Site
-- Walking Trail

Pelham Mill Park History

The Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission donated this 13 acre site bordering the Enoree River to the District in 1988. It was home to the first textile mill in Greenville County outside of the city limits of Greenville. It's location, near the Hwy 14/I-85 interchange near Greenville Spartanburg Airport position it to be a potential gateway to Greenville County.

The scenic and historic elements parallel that of downtown's Falls Park. Today, in partnership with ReWa (Renewable Water Resources), seven acres have been added to the park. Its focal point is a masonry dam and overlook where visitors can view architectural remains of the mill and the cascading shoals of the Enoree. The master plan envisions a passive park with picnic sites, historical interpretation, dog park, and a walking bridge spanning the river that provides access to scenic trails along the Enoree.

The former Pelham Mill Post Office, built circa 1870, was moved to the park when Hwy. 14 was widened. Greenville Rec, with support from ReWa and Greenville County, is stabilizing the historic structure that has fallen into disrepair over the past decade. Pelham Mill is recognized by the Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission as a historic site in the County.


Dave Shaver

Monday, July 23, 2018
My wire terrier loves this park. It has large fenced are for over 25 lbs with benches, tables and lots of trees. There is a smaller area for dogs under 25lbs. My dog has met lots of friends at Pelham Mill even though he's small, he loves playing with the big dogs, all are well mannered. We've only encountered one that was overly playful.

John Smith

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
This is a beautiful remnant of history, a true testament to the powers of man, mother nature, and the unavoidable chasm of passing time. A great spot for a picnic or a casual hike. Note, if you're going to follow the trail up the creek, I recommend closed toed shoes, long sleeves, and pants, as there are many areas that are impassable without getting up close and personal with some of the friendly plants (and a few of the unfriendly ones!). Enjoy!

Pat Burke

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Small local park built in the site of an old great and Cotton Mill. A few paved walks but mostly paths to various overlooks on the Enoree River. The 1800's era damn and slices are in surprisingly good shape and the sound of water rushing thru the gates is beautiful. A few nicely done, explanatory signs are in the area. If you're a dog lover, the on site dog park is simple but very nice.

Thai Radin

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Its a great place with few people. Lots of trees, rivers, rocks, and scenery. There is a dog path too if you are into that. We had our engagement photos taken here because of all the awesome scenery here. Check it out.

Asia Arnold

Friday, Jan. 5, 2018
This is one of my favorite parks to go to. There are plaques that show the history of the area, and there is a lovely viewing area of the dam. They also have a dog park and nature trail right next to the dam itself. The only downside is that there are some unsavory characters that I've seen there before. One of them stopped me on the trail and wouldn't leave me alone, so if you do decide to go on the trail, either bring someone else with you (you should always have a trail buddy in case of emergency) or at least bring some sort of personal protection. Please don't let my last statement scare you off from the park because it really is a pretty view.

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