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Ruff Range Dog Park

5335 4th Army Memorial Drive

Ruff Range Dog Park features a large and small dog off-leash area as well as parking.

Report all dog bites to Frisco Animal Control or the Police Department prior to leaving the park.

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset


Kash Battla

Saturday, July 28, 2018
To detail my own experience about this place I would say that it is fine. It is close to my house. There's not really lot to do. Is just a big area for dogs to play. There are some nice dogs and some nice people. My dog had a good time period I kind of sat around and watched him play.

Gina Gage

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Clean. They have water for the dogs. They have a mini pool for them. The owners of other dogs are normally very friendly and nice. Our dog loves to go there. They have a gazebo and it provides a nice shade for everyone. We were there, it was 100° and, it didn't feel super hot in the shade. Our dog was happy to see other dogs there and he played a lot. Obviously, I don't recommend to stay there for hours when the weather is that hot. We stayed for about 30 mins and it was perfect. They had 2 separate areas for small and larger dogs. It's closed on Thursday.

Star Lord

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Nice dog park. Usually has a kiddie pool. Closes on Thursday’s. Our pup loves this park we come almost everyday. Always is clean and has nice folks around.

Shannon C

Sunday, June 10, 2018
The park was very clean and spacious. There are lots of trees and grass for my dog to run around on. There is a really nice area for pet owners to sit and relax at. This dog park was very full, there were lots of dog owners that day.

Daniel Shaw

Saturday, May 19, 2018
My dog chomped down on his frisbee and ran into the ground with it. He was bleeding from his tongue. People all started acting as if they were victims. One Frisco yuppie even called 9-11. Out of the 8 Frisco yuppies that were there, only one of the yuppies was kind and understanding. I was leaving the dog park after waiting for the bleeding to stop for about ten minutes. One of the yuppies literally told me he wanted my information to sue me cos his dog had 2 spots of blood on him. Seriously Frisco yuppies (not you cool guy) get a soul and wake up quick.

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