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The Manayunk Dog Park

The Manayunk Dog Park
4300 Silverwood Street

Pretzel Park was built by the city of Philadelphia in the 1920's on the site of demolished houses. By the 1990's the park was in poor condition.

In 1998, the Manayunk Neighborhood Council (MNC) began the initiative to revitalize the long neglected Pretzel Park. In August of 1999, three neighborhood groups: The Canal Day Committee, The Manayunk Development Corporation, and The MNC formed an alliance. They called themselves "The Friends of Pretzel Park".

The new coalition immediately began working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and the Department of Recreation. Jennifer Brodsky has been working as our PHS Park Coordinator since 2003.

The PA Horticultural Society helped get the dog run built. As part of their Philly Green Parks Revitalization Project, they installed the dog run fence . Through them, we received other grants and partners.

The Manayunk Development Corp. provides daily trash pick-up in the park. They also provide bags for the box in the dog park.

Councilman Michael Nutter financed renovations to the park. The city installed new walks, the park house, and the playground.

State Representative Kathy Manderino funded landscaping and the added dog run gate.

Pretzel Park is a Philadelphia Department of Recreation park. The Dept. mows the lawn. They funded a part-time Seasonal Maintenance Attendant for the park.

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