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Wapato Park

6500 South Sheridan Avenue

Wapato Park lies in a beautiful setting of lake and forest and is one of the most urban parks in the city. Visitors can enjoy display gardens, a walking trail around the lake (.9 miles) and an impressive, historic pergola.


Bike Trail / Biking / Bicycling


Parking Stalls

Parking Stalls / ADA

Restrooms / Seasonal

Trail / Hard

Trail / Soft

Boat Launch / Walk Up

Fishing Pier


Lake / Pond

Natural Areas

Meeting Space

Picnic / Drop in

Picnic / Reservable

Weddings / Rentals

Off Leash Dog Park

Playground (5-12 yrs)


Open 1/2 hour before sunrise

Close 1/2 hour after sunset


Erin Berger

Friday, July 13, 2018
Nice park! I would give it 5 stars if the bathrooms were updated and a bit cleaner. Good walking paths throughout as well as around a good sized pond. Plenty of areas to throw a blanket down or hang out on one of the benches scattered about. Kids seem to really enjoy the playground facilities/area.

Stephanie Wolfe

Sunday, June 3, 2018
I never used to visit this park buts it's gotten really nice. I love walking around the lake and up past the dog park. It's a great walk with beautiful scenery. It has covered areas, a playground, dog park and a party rental building right on the lake. Also has several poke stops and a couple gyms with great spawn rates! Always a bonus for me! Great place for picnics with the family and birthday party as as well.

Angie Lokotz

Monday, June 25, 2018
Great park with really nice facilities. There's a dock over the water for fishing; one of the best dog parks in the city; and a small but well laid out pavilion suitable for a small family reunion, company picnic, or meeting. Parking can be challenging on a lovely summer day.

Sam Shults

Monday, May 7, 2018
Wonderful park with 3 separate, amazing (if not smelly) off-leash dog run areas. I came for the dog park and stayed for the park itself. Parking at the dog park area (a few hundred feet north of the lake) is problematic if you're there at any popular part of the day or weekend. However, there's more parking by the lake. Bonus because it's a lovely short walk to the dog park area from the main park. There are three separate areas to the dog park - a small dog area (less than 30 lbs, I believe), a large dog area and then a mixed area. The first two are just basic fenced open areas for dogs to run around in. The small dog area is about half the size of the large dog area. Just fields of grass, dirt, mud and, uh, dog waste. So be careful where you step since not everyone is good about picking up after their dogs. The mixed upper area is the largest and is a wooded area where you can just let your dog sniff around on trees, logs, plants and more. There are paths. And, if it rained in the past year, mud. Lots of gross muddy water than your dog will love to bathe in. The two other areas have a basic shaded picnic table for people. And dogs. The park itself has a lake filled with geese. There's a wide concrete path around the lake for running or strolling or walking. Lots of duck poop so watch out there, too. Decent amount of park benches as well as a bathroom. Early in the morning seems to have several homeless people in residence. There's a small kid playground on a wood chip area with a slide and tiny zipline. It's pretty basic but decent. Aside from the lake and path, there are some fun areas to explore, including long foot bridges. The problem there is that the water is pretty gross with trash and stagnant water. But, ignoring some of the minuses, it's really a lovely park.

Sarah Gray Horwood

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
This is such a great park. I was in town for work staying at the Hampton inn when I looked up hiking near me. This park came up and it was less than a mile away. I walked around exploring and there is one main paved trail where bikes can go and it goes all around the lake. Or there are also some smaller dirt trails. Those were my favorite, you go from hearing cars and people to feeling like you are in a secluded forest pretty quick. Definitely recommend this park to anyone who has kids, wants somewhere to sit and read, or if you just want a short nice walk.

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